In May 2019, Generation W hosted a book launch event at The Curtain in London. As well as women reading from the book, there was live music, a beatboxer and a burlesque artist.

The event was so successful that Generation W has continued to put on live music events across the United Kingdom, merging both readings from the book and live music from some of the world’s greatest female artists.

‘I’ve always been someone who felt really passionate about empowering black people, and when we wrote Runnin and Beyonce got on that record, I met with her people and we got into the things she wanted to talk about and it fell in line with the things I want to talk about. I had at the time started GirlsIRate which is my movement empowering females in the creative industry and everything felt really topical. I felt fed up, I felt like I wanted to be free. I felt like my hands were in chains because I was being the person I wanted to be.’

CARLA-MARIE WILLIAMS writing in the ‘Generation W’ book

‘Amelia Earhart is the kind of historical figure I can relate to, she said “By the time I had got two or three hundred feet off the ground, I knew I had to fly”. Sort of how when I’m performing to two or three hundred people, I’m plotting how I can make it two or three thousand.’

BOUDICCA writing in the ‘Generation W’ book

‘Maybe the media should stop literally drawing a circle around cellulite on a girls thigh whilst she’s having a great time at the beach and let her enjoy her holiday and stop thinking we are all desperate to read it. Make that circle a speech bubble and tell me the hilarious witty joke her girlfriend clearly just said to her that deserved that relatable triple chin cackle. Celebrate the beauty in that. Then I’ll read your magazine.’

LEAH MCFALL writing in the ‘Generation W’ book