The women’s revolution is not strictly for Britain.
When we decided to use the internet to connect women of all background, that is when we saw the importance to create this website and digital platform.

Our book was always designed to be timeless so we encourage everyone to read the great advice within that whenever they feel ready to.
We are also excited about this moment, the future and what we can do to change the lives of women all other the world and inspire people of all backgrounds to celebrate the strength and talents of women.

The idea for Generation W was originally to create a book for young women in the arts suffering from mental health issues to be able to ignore the pressures of social media by speaking their greatest voice in print.

The original concept was 100 women writing about living through 100 years of the vote in the UK.

At the same time we realised that we couldn’t find 100 young people to feel confident to speak their truths in a book, we also discovered there was no other book being made about the most important year in women’s rights in the UK.

What began as an underground movement then grew into one of the most important books in the legacy of Britain, with Olympic champions, Dames, Political leaders and many more writing for our book, motivating people all over the world in how to deal with a lifetime of struggle and greatness.

What was before Generation W?

Generation W was launched by Urban Kingdom, an alternative media platform in the UK that was started in 2011 by music video directors who felt like there was a greater platform online than on the television. 

While working predominantly in videos that challenge issues in race and class, there was always a strong campaign to create a more representative industry in regards gender.

Urban Kingdom's Jess Daly and Rosie Eliza at an Urban Kingdom party in Bristol, England, 2017.