The Colour Of Bones

Directed by: Phoebe Lysbeth Kay
Runtime: 20 minutes

THE COLOUR OF BONES by New Zealand based filmmaker Phoebe Lysbeth Kay is the first global documentary short by Generation W to spin off their groundbreaking book that featured 100 pioneering British women writing about living through 100 years since women began to receive the vote in the UK.

In The Colour of Bones, Phoebe Lysbeth Kay captures the undocumented stories of a bloodline of women growing up within different generations of New Zealand – the first country in the world where women received the vote.

This inspiring tale of hope and struggle begins with Bridgette O’Flaretty, a young girl born shortly after the famine, travelling from poverty in Ireland to a dream of new opportunity across the other side of the world.

A year after Bridgette passed away in 1892, women in New Zealand were given the vote.


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