LESS IS MORE: The Charlie Morgan story

Directed by: Phoebe Bostock
Runtime: 35 minutes

Yasmin Lander was born very prematurely, with the doctors not giving her much chance of living. As this young girl grew up in Cambridge, England she became obsessed with the professional wrestling and WWF of the 1990s. All her idols were male wrestlers, as the female wrestlers were only ever seen as sexual tokens to a male dominated industry.

‘Less Is More’ by Cambridge filmmaker Phoebe Bostock talks to Yasmin Lander and her family as they revisit growing up in England and dealing with a seemingly impossible dream of a young petite girl with a fragile body who wanted to use every ounce of strength she had to take part in stunts, hoping to eventually grow up as a professional wrestler and work with her idols in the USA.

TRAILER SOUNDTRACK: Trouble by Izzy Thomas

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